How can government support local industry?

How can government support local industry?
How can government support local industry?

The EU-Georgia Business Council issues recommendations to the Georgian government to minimize the coronavirus-caused economic loss and support the business sector.

The organization says it is necessary to facilitate the local industry.

The recommendations are as follows:

  1. Full stock-taking of the enterprises, the product of which is necessary to implement all current and planned capital/infrastructural projects in Georgia.
  2. To give priority to Georgia-produced items when implementing the state-financed capital/infrastructural projects.
  3. To reduce an average balance electricity price that depends on the US exchange rate, to maintain costs on the energy-capacity product despite the Lari devaluation.
  4. Taking the reality into account, to revise the loan co-financing program sectors as part of the ''Produce in Georgia'' program.
  5. To develop and implement a step-by-step plan in compliance with the GMP standard.
  6. To allow exports of medications from Georgia.
  7. To launch consultations with markets and hypermarkets to mitigate severe commercial conditions for local produces.
  8. To establish the agencies for certification and standardization for the export-oriented enterprises.
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