Imports of Azerbaijani raw bitumen oil total 4,164.6 tonnes

Imports of Azerbaijani raw bitumen oil total 4,164.6 tonnes

Azerbaijan imported 4,164.6 tonnes of raw oil made of bitumen minerals and oil products of 2,715.0 USD value in Jan – Apr 2020.

As the data provided by the National Statistics Office to show, Azerbaijan did not import the product in 2019 to Georgia.

Under its volume, the produce ranks second among the top ten products imported from Azerbaijan to Georgia.

The oil coke, oil bitumen, and other waste of oil procession show the same results, as the imported volume from Azerbaijan equaled 9,039.5 tonnes in Georgia.

Georgia paid 2,692.5 USD for it.

No analysis is available on the annual changes, as Azerbaijan did not import it last year, but it ranks ninth in the top ten of the Azerbaijan-imported products.

The imports of the Azerbaijani cement ranks seventh. It almost halved in Jan – Apr 2020 with a 41.8% decrease, but it remains in the top ten.

Steel bars import from Azerbaijan to Georgia rank sixth as the volume reached 9,843.5 tonnes.

Three out of the top Azerbaijan-imported products decreased: the imports of oil gases, oil products, and electricity decreased, while the spare parts of cars and plants and copper increased.

As for the export data from Georgia to Azerbaijan, in Jan – Apr 2020, steel bars made rank tenth.

Following the statistical data, industrial tobacco exports increased by 55.4% than in 2019 from Georgia to Azerbaijan.

In Jan – Apr 2019, Georgia exported 2,487.6 tonnes of steel bars of 1,199.3 USD value, while in Jan – Apr 2020, the exported volume reached 4,122.1 tonnes of 1,864.1 USD value.

Dairy ranks third among the top ten products Georgia imported to Azerbaijan in Jan – Apr 2020.

Frozen fish ranks eighth with 902.3 tonnes of exported volume.

The truck export rate decreased by 2.8%, but it ranks seventh with 407 units exported from Georgia to Azerbaijan.

Tobacco ranks sixth as its exported volume increased by 342.8% in 2020.

The exports of cars, meat, and fertilizers also increased, while the export of cigarettes and medications dropped.

From the financial point of view, Georgia increased exports to Azerbaijan as it exported the product of 145 164. 0 USD value, while the same rate was 127 409.5 USD in Jan – Apr 2019.

From the financial point of view, Azerbaijan decreased importing goods to Georgia in Jan – Apr 2020, equalling 221 843. 3 USD, while the 2019 first-quarter rate was 235 796. 1 USD.

The share of the top ten exporter partners totaled 78.1% in the entire export rate of Georgia. The top three exporters are:

Azerbaijan (145.2 mln USD)

China (135.5 mln USD)

Russia (125.6 mln US)

The share of the top ten importer partners included 68.9% of Georgia's total import in Jan – Apr 2020. The top three are:

Turkey (406.0 mln USD)

Russia (270.1 mln USD)

Azerbaijan (221.8 mln USD). 

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