NASA is launching space tourism

NASA is launching space tourism

NASA is accepting proposals for lunar space projects. The deadline for submitting project is November 1st. The production of rockets which will transport humans to the moon is an important component of NASA's Artemis program.

According to The Verge, the ultimate goal of the project is to build an orbital system around the moon called the Gate, where conditions necessary for human life will be created. The passenger ship travelling from Earth to the complex is planned to be very comfortable.

The project of a ship must meet three basic requirements: 1. It must be able to fly to an orbital station 2. It must fly from the orbital station to the moon 3. It must return from the moon.

NASA's new ships are scheduled to fly in 2021, but the company plans to officially fly first passengers to the moon by 2024, and by 2025 there will already be regular flights.

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