Astrological Forecast for April 4

Astrological Forecast for April 4
Astrological Forecast for April 4

The Moon without a course all day long. The activities in this period are unproductive. Medical manipulations are not recommended.


Emotional anxiety and tenseness are likely to settle in you. You need time to assess the developments and your chances realistically.


You might find yourself in a strange situation requiring you to make a choice. Do not put the cart before the horse, it will help you avoid mistakes.


The day may help you to get rid of compulsive illusions; you will understand the reasons for mishaps in your private life and career sphere.


Beware of ill-advised conclusions; the situation might become stretching between different groups and leaders; abstains from hazardous steps.


Do not take responsibility for yourself if you are not sure about yourself. Take care of your mood and comfort.


Abscond from experiments. Make confident in your capabilities and professionalism. Overweening conceit and risks might complicate your authority.


It is essential to consider your interest when solving other people’s problems. You might have to act as a mediator between parties, do not forget your goals and act correspondingly.


An unusual situation may trigger you to think out something out of standard and hence overrun others, but this period is not appropriate for significant success and business productivity.


The competitors may get the win-situation due to your sensibility. Analyze all events, positions of others, and act correspondingly to avoid getting into lose-situation.


Do not try to wear another hat to achieve success by a crooked means. Be diplomatic and wise in assessing the developments.


Control your temper. Avoid taking the initiative to settle the job-related problems by yourself. Take care of yourself.


Beware of the double-crossings. Do not attempt to control everything. Change old approaches and schemes. Rely on your intuition and undimmed intelligence.

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