Astrological prediction for Aug 21, what is in store for you

Astrological prediction for Aug 21, what is in store for you
Astrological prediction for Aug 21, what is in store for you


Direct your focus to your friendships today, Aries. The gregarious Aquarius moon aligns with sweet Venus, sending your attention to these all-important bonds and asks. Who is worth maintaining connection with and who do you seem to have outgrown? Luna’s union with heavy Saturn may put a heavy, reality-check damper on the day. If you can adjust to the slowed down pace towards goal achievement, you’ll feel your best.


You’re ready to make strides toward your future, Taurus. Don’t let anyone hold you back from re-defining your reputation and bringing renewal to your career. The intellectual Aquarius moon aligns with sweet Venus, making it easy to form bonds on the work front. Later, Luna cozies up with limitation-setting Saturn, helping you slow down and get serious about how you want to apply yourself towards your aspirations.


Things are changing in a big way beneath the surface of your playful facade, Gemini. Your ruling planet, expressive Mercury, spends the day in an energized alignment with electric Uranus. This stimulating pairing encourages you to embrace major revelations on the home and family front. Elsewhere, the steady Aquarius moon meets up with sweet Venus and stern Saturn, imbuing the day with a simultaneous warmth and seriousness.


As a Cancer, you’re driven to explore the emotional undercurrents in the world around you. That curiosity actually stems from a secret desire to dive into your own untapped well of mysterious feelings. Friday’s skies encourage you to embrace this kind of therapeutic approach to yourself, as the moon floats through objective Aquarius. Luna’s meet up with bond-building Venus and grounded Saturn makes it easy to sink into the heart of matters.


The universe is directing all of your focus onto your current partnership story, Leo. The moon treks into objective Aquarius today, sending your attention towards the give-and-take taking place in your one-on-ones. Luna’s alignment with harmony-seeking Venus and responsible Saturn makes it easy to embrace important conversations with a compromising attitude that also requires a serious, future-oriented outlook.


Embrace your workflow with open arms today, Virgo. You’ll feel your best when you’re putting in the hours into a craft that you actually care about, as the innovative Aquarius moon merges with steady Saturn and creative Venus. Your ruling planet, communicator Mercury, forms a smooth alignment with insight-bringing Uranus. This pairing helps you break free of old, restricting chains around your self-expression and sense of identity.


You’re ready to leave this week behind and trade it in for a good time, Libra. The moon slips into socially-curious Aquarius today, encouraging you to abandon your workload and reconnect with your creative spirit. Luna’s meet-up with bond-building Venus and steady Saturn makes it an ideal day to plan a date with someone you’re serious about, as it offers both a grounded and romantic energy that is hard to top.


Turn your focus to your roots today, Scorpio. You’re in need of close, family-like connections today, as the moon slinks into emotionally-dry Aquarius. Luna spends the day in a sweet alignment with Venus and wall-building Saturn, helping you get to the bottom of long-standing relationship issues in a gentle way. Devote attention to sprucing up your space and maintaining your privacy from the public world.


As a Sagittarius, you have a tendency to be looking ever-upwards at life. Friday’s skies remind you that in order to reach those great heights, you’ll need a supportive anchor grounding you from below. The moon slips into intellectual Aquarius and spends the day with bond-craving Venus and limitation-setting Saturn. This pairing emphasizes the importance of community and personal storytelling in order to feel fully secure.


Capricorn people don’t usually grant emotional accessibility to just anyone. In fact, you hold that very key that helps you sort out what’s going on deep within. Friday’s skies encourage you to peek inside and make room for unexpressed emotions, as the thoughtful Aquarius moon merges with your ruling planet, stoic Saturn. Send your attention to your changing feelings around your self-worth, rather than spending money to fill the void.


It seems as if the universe has supplied you with a fair share of new responsibilities, Aquarius. You’re ready to step up to the task, however daunting it may feel at first. Today’s skies see the moon’s entrance into your sign, encouraging you to reconnect with your body, independence, and health. Luna’s union with your ruling planet, serious Saturn, helps you clean out any emotional dust bunnies you’ve swept under the rug.


As a Pisces, you require more time alone than the others. Honor your need to carve out that solitary space today, as the mood slides into solitude-seeking Aquarius. Luna spends the day in a healing alignment with lover Venus and responsibility-demanding Saturn, encouraging you to embrace any calming, therapeutic endeavors and to approach relationship issues in a practical fashion. 


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