Astrological prediction for December 3, what is in store for you

Astrological prediction for December 3, what is in store for you

By Astrology Expert Keti Odisheli


You may restart a long-forgotten business. You will find it difficult to discuss your plans and ideas with people around you and accepting help from them.


A hard day is ahead of you, but you will overcome all difficulties and turn the tide.


You will get lots of good vibes from your folks and loved ones in return for the love you show them. You can now prepare for the New Year and choose gifts.


In all likelihood, issues related to immovable property will be resolved for your benefit. Get rid of old things and renovate your house.


Improve your mood. You are close to realizing your dreams, but be more purposeful, determined, hard-working, and persistent.


Show that your care about your family members and, especially, children. Try to resolve family issues. Do not take everything close to your heart.


Care more for your personal life. Be more honest and caring. Everything will soon change for the better.


You will live up to your bosses' expectations by performing your tasks well.


You may have a desire to restore old relationships. A lot will depend on you and your resourcefulness.


Follow your principles, but also make compromises. Do not be too open-handed and avoid unnecessary expenses.


Share your ideas with others. Your bosses and colleagues will approve of them, and you will benefit from doing so. 


Do not spend financial resources on luxury purchases now. Always prefer quality over quantity. 

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