Astrological prediction for December 4, what is in store for you

Astrological prediction for December 4, what is in store for you

By Astrology Expert Keti Odisheli

The moon is void of course from 14:29 to 16:53. Making important decisions in this period of time or undergoing medical procedures are not recommended.


Your diplomatic skills will prove of great use today. You will enjoy success, and even strangers will support you in your endevours.


Be patient and level-headed. Try to perform your responsibilities, and do not take uncalculated steps.


Organize your life priorities and plan your budget adequately. Making a luxury purchase is not rational now.


Try to distance yourself from people and go deeper into your inner world.


Maintain balance, make compromises, and follow your principles. Impromptu actions are recommended today.


Control your words and actions. Be more compassionate and avoid passing judgment on your loved ones.


You have all energy required to perform your day-to-day tasks on time. Try to rest during the day.


You are loaded with work. Try to allocate some time for your loved ones. Pay attention to the signs. The universe is trying to tell you something.


Be mindful of your actions, and reconsider your plans. Failures should not deject you, as they are life lessons.


Take actions, and do that which you have always wanted. Be bold and persistent. You are entitled to be proud of yourself.


Happiness is in the details! Enjoy life, and remember that good vibes attract good vibes.


Build your own happiness. You can ask for advice or assistance from people you look up to. 

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