Astrological prediction for March 3, what is in store for you

Astrological prediction for March 3, what is in store for you

By Astrology Expert Keti Odisheli

The moon is in Scorpio.                                    

The moon is void of course from 00:01 to 00:38. Making important decisions in this period of time or undergoing medical procedures are not recommended.


Avoid borrowing or lending money at this point. Try to ward off the potentially destructive effects of jealousy.


To get desired results, opt for taking 'a less traveled path' by trying something new and intriguing. However, do not get detached from reality.


You may adopt an interesting method to produce better business outcomes. However, before applying it, undergo a consultation with well-qualified professionals.


Financial wellbeing and career-related issues will overshadow all other aspects of life; in all likelihood, good news is expected in your professional life. You may expect a surprise from your romantic partner.


Try to be flexible and diplomatic. Quell arrogance and ambitions. By doing so, you will overcome obstacles and achieve success.


You may have to obtain and process loads of information for your new promising project today. You need to exercise more caution to avoid vision problems.


You stand a strong chance to attract your bosses' and colleagues' interest and direct it to your plans. Eventually, you will manage to receive profit.


Do not let others provoke you and try to ward off their tactless behavior without attracting unwanted attention. Information you did not expect to get will help you make your big decision.


They may offer you a job that should be done in tight deadlines, which will help you earn extra money. Do not let unexpected developments scare you, and take bold steps.


Be careful and cautious, and remember your rivals are vigilant. They are watching you and waiting for the right time to take action.


You may be invited to a meeting at which your speech will prove impressive, and your projects will become the center of attention.


You may meet your old friend or acquaintance, who will upset you. Be rational, face reality, and see everything unembellished. 

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