Daily horoscope 2021 - 3 Apr astrological predictions for zodiac signs

Daily horoscope 2021 - 3 Apr astrological predictions for zodiac signs

By Astrology Expert Keti Odisheli

The moon moving to the sign of Capricorn in the afternoon. 

The moon is void of course from 09:23 to 12:13. Making important decisions in this period of time or undergoing medical procedures is not recommended.


You will demonstrate your leadership skills today and persuade your colleagues to support your initiatives. Right decisions will help you climb the corporate ladder. 


Your close acquaintance may amaze you by showing their personal qualities you have not expected. By doing so, they may force you to look at them differently. 


Stand ready for unexpected developments, and do not swim with the tide. Analyze everything thoroughly, and make a rational decision. 


Pay attention to your dreams and signs, and listen to your intuition closely. By doing so, you will resolve issues you face. 


You may obtain interesting information on a person who you find interesting. Do not jump to conclusions, and measure everything thoroughly. 


Visit entertainment centers, and have some fun. You may get to know people of consequence or prominence. 


You will either visit a museum, exhibitions, or historic places to enrich your mind. 


Say no to laziness and refrain from taking the lid off your plans. Do not ignore new information as it may bring you new opportunities. 


You may obtain new sources of income, formulate a plan for gaining wealth or get new business proposals. 


You may lend a helping hand to somebody and give vent to your anger when in their company later. You will find it hard to control your emotions today. 


Refrain from getting involved in conflicts or confronting anyone. Swimming with the tide and sparing your energy will now be a rational decision, 


You may expect positive changes in your personal life. You may have to modify your plans as you may move to a new location. 

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