Horoscope today, October 5: Astrological prediction for all zodiac signs

Horoscope today, October 5: Astrological prediction for all zodiac sig
Horoscope today, October 5: Astrological prediction for all zodiac signs


Aries must take time to rest and relax

You may not be as energetic as you usually are on Tuesday. It is alright to feel low and you must take this time to rest and relax. Utilise this time to view a different perspective, to clarify your own intentions, and refine your approach. You must also work on wrapping up any existing projects and putting the finishing touches on recent assignments. Planet Mars rules your zodiac sign, so wear a bright colour like hot pink this Tuesday. Numbers 1, 8 and letters A, L, E will be very lucky for you.


Taurus should wear colours like lilac for luck

This Tuesday, you may find yourself questioning whether certain relationships or a job is worth the effort that it requires. It is alright if you wish to contemplate on your future prospects and take some time to deliberate. However, do not forget that consistency and dedication to work matters will only help you in the end. Planet Venus is the ruler of your zodiac sign, hence wear colours like lilac for luck. You will be favoured by numbers 2 and 7, and letters B, V, U this Tuesday.


Gemini may feel frustrated due to the communication hindrance

You receive deep pleasure from intellectual and interpersonal exchange which also work as a source of energy and inspiration for you. However, with your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde, you might find your attempts at connection getting more difficult, which can be especially hindering if the feeling springs up between you and a special connection. Wear colours like green, yellow, or orange for luck. Letters K, C and G, and numbers 3, 6 will be lucky for you this Tuesday.


Cancer, be kind to yourself

Since the Moon is your ruling planet, the upcoming new moon period will cause your energy levels to run a bit low. It is advisable that you close and complete any recent endeavors or assignments before it affects your projects. Be kind to yourself during this period and be honest about your social limitations. You do not have to push yourself to the limit if you cannot. Wear silver colour this Tuesday for luck while letters H, D, and number 4 will bring you all the guidance you need.


Perfect time for Leo to assess all the relationships

It is the perfect time for you to assess all the relationships you have been maintaining and creating in the recent past. You may have to let go of certain friendships that no longer fulfill you while you may have to dedicate more time and reciprocate more often to those friends who have stayed with you through thick and thin. Your lucky colour this Tuesday is golden yellow while alphabets M, T and number 5 will support you in your endeavours.


Good time for Virgo to invest energy on projects

Your quality of staying flexible and bending over backwards according to the situation is admirable. You must remember that there is no reason to compromise your ambitions. If getting all the minor things in order is more hassle than its worth at the moment, move on to something bigger. Now is a good time to invest a little more of your resources and your energy on your projects. Your lucky colour this Tuesday is forest green. Numbers 3,8, and letters P,T, and N will have your back throughout the day.


Libra should prefer numbers 2,7

Today you will be experiencing a heightening in your emotional responsiveness and increase in your awareness of individual needs. There may be some things that may come to an end this week and although it may affect you emotionally, you must remember that letting go is a continuous process. Your zodiac sign is ruled by planet Venus, hence wear a midnight blue clothes and prefer numbers 2,7 and letters R,T for support in your upcoming endeavours.


Scorpio, it is okay to vent out your feelings into a journal

There is a feeling of uncertainty looming in your emotional world today. You may be building up a series of emotions and reaction inside you and not speaking up. There is a desire to build intimacy which is hindered by your own resistance to speak without fully understanding your own feelings. It is okay to vent out your feelings into a journal or talking to a close friend. Your zodiac sign is ruled by planet Mars hence wearing the colour vermillion will be lucky for you. Numbers 1, 8, and the letters N and Y will be your support this Tuesday.


Confronting unfamiliar situations will only bring Sagittarius something new

You may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation this Tuesday. However, remember that confronting unfamiliar situations will only bring you something new. You may discover that your initial discomfort can give way to a feeling of fulfilling connection with both the role you take on and your present social circle.Your zodiac sign is ruled by planet Jupiter hence your lucky colour is white. For Tuesday letters B, D, and P, and numbers 9, 12, will bring you some luck.


Your lucky colour for the day is Cyan, Capricorn

You may not be into social gathering this Tuesday and that is alright. An incident may show you that people, or opportunities, that you were counting on do not work the same in real time as they do on paper. This opportunity will prompt you to get clear what you bring to the table and what kinds of contributions you value from others. Your lucky colour for the day is Cyan, while numbers 10, 11, and letters K, J will bring you good fortune this Tuesday.


Aquarius should secure own emotional strength before helping others

You may have the quality of surviving some of the most challenging situations, however, you must remember that perpetual calm and self-sufficienct mood is a good look but it is also an exhausting one. Remember to secure your own emotional strength before helping others. Some of you may find that Tuesday’s survival strategy involves a lot more teamwork. To make your day more supportive choose colour Cyan, and numbers 10, 11, and letters G and S will bring you luck.


It is quite a beneficial time for Pisces to work on projects

You may wish to rework on a proposal today. It is quite a beneficial time to work on projects about which you held some qualms earlier. You may have agreed to a contract earlier and may have second thoughts about it today. Contemplate on your decision this Tuesday and you will soon find an answer. Your zodiac sign Pisces, is ruled by planet Neptune and the colour lemon green will suit you. Go for numbers 9, 12, and letters D, C, J, and T will be your guiding light on Tuesday.

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