Davit Kutaladze: I am not an assailant; I am a Georgian man

Davit Kutaladze: I am not an assailant; I am a Georgian man
Davit Kutaladze: I am not an assailant; I am a Georgian man

According to Davit Kutaladze, detained over violence against late cameraman Lekso Lashkarava, he is a Georgian man rather than an assailant. 

''They have reiterated that I am an assailant and member of a group having subjected journalists to violence. We have seen in the videos LGBT group members insulting our Holy Trinity. I came to Tbilisi 12 days earlier. They want guys like us to dub assailants. I called upon my friends not to touch them. After all this, they let journalists in. They wanted to create an assailant from me. I should set an example in my district for younger generations. I cannot be ashamed of the elderly who brought our religion to these days. Journalist incriminated me. May that deceased man rests in peace! I am not an assailant; I am a Georgian man. I am poor but spiritually rich,'' Kutaladze said at the trial. 

Dato Kutaladze has been sentenced to pretrial detention for subjecting TV Pirveli cameramen Lekso Lashkarava to violence. 

Earlier, the Prosecutor's Office pressed charges against Kutaladze for persecuting and physically abusing Alexandre Lashkarava for performing his job-related duties. 

On 5 July, opponents of Tbilisi pride attacked journalists. The MIA of Georgia said that following the investigation activities, they determined that violent crimes were committed against 55 citizens, with 53 being representatives of different media outlets.

Far-right attacks were also carried out against representatives of various media outlets on 6 July.

TV Pirveli cameraman Lekso Lashkarava was physically assaulted during the 5 June developments.

The cameraman underwent treatment at New Hospitals for a few days.

Lekso Lashkarava was found dead at his own house on 11 July.

Cameraman Lashkarava was buried today. 

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