NASA will send a robot to the Moon - VIDEO

NASA will send a robot to the Moon - VIDEO
NASA will send a robot to the Moon - VIDEO

NASA will send a robot Viper to the Moon to look for water. The mechanism is a Golf-car size.It will be sent to the Moon in 2022 and will collect the information on soil probes during a hundred days.As a result, NASA will develop a map of the Moon water resources.

Engineers equipped the robot with one-meter gimlet and neutronic spectrometer to detect hydrogen.The obtained information will possibly help the scientists to detect underground water flows.

The availability of water on the Moon was justified 10 years ago.Now there is another question – how much of the water resource may possibly be in this sputnik and whether it is possible to transfer it into oxygen.VIPER will help us to get more vivid picture from the Moon.We hope that in 100 days we will possess the precise information on the amount and the location of the water on the Moon”, -said Daniel Andrews, the Head of VIPER Mission in NASA.

American Cosmic Agency detected ice on the Moon in 2009. To do it they implemented the collision of a rocket with one of the craters of the Moon.The scientists contemplate that there are millions of tons of frozen water on the Moon. NASA states that its goal is to “create necessary environment and conditions for human to stay on the Moon and Mars for a long period of time”.

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