Bidzina Kulumbegov's recommendations: What we need to know before vaccination?

Bidzina Kulumbegov's recommendations: What we
Bidzina Kulumbegov's recommendations: What we need to know before vaccination?

Allergist-immunologist Bidzina Kulumbegov publishes the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the social network:

"In the last few days, a large number of vaccination-related questions were addressed to me. Their main part is the stories of individual people, where a detailed description of allergies or other concomitant diseases are told from birth to the present day. Unfortunately, answering each person is beyond my power, for which I like to apologize.

The content of the questions is the same, whether vaccination can be carried out for different diseases. I will try to answer these questions here.

1. Vaccination is categorically not possible in case of any acute disease or exacerbation of chronic disease!

2. You should not be vaccinated if you develop anaphylaxis on the first dose of the vaccine or if you are already allergic to the components of the vaccine (polyethylene glycol-Pfizer, polysorbate-AstraZeneca, aluminum hydroxide-Sinopharm, and Sinovac). All other allergic diseases are not a barrier to Covid-19 vaccination!

3. Pregnancy and lactation: Pfizer is allowed; Sinopharm / Sinovac is contraindicated at this stage!

4. If you accidentally come into direct contact with an infected person before a scheduled vaccine, the US Centers for Disease Control recommends that the vaccine be postponed until self-isolation is complete.

5. It is not necessary to stop receiving neurological, cardiological, anti-allergic, etc., medication before the vaccination!

6. Not all chronic diseases such as diabetes, transmissible stroke, heart attack, cancer, asthma, kidney pathologies, psoriasis, venous disease, and so on are not contraindications to vaccination; on the contrary, vaccination of such people is vital!

7. You do not need to do any tests (blood test, correlogram, antibody test ...) before and after the vaccination!

8. I have never been vaccinated, and how should I react? This is not a contraindication to the vaccine against covid, and you can vaccinate without excessive emotion.

9. The vaccine can be given in 14 days after the use of rabies, tetanus, and other vaccines!

I wish you health and peace, which can be obtained through vaccination! " writes the doctor.

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