Astrological prediction for Mar 5, what is in store for you

Astrological prediction for Mar 5, what is in store for you

By Astrology Expert Keti Odisheli

The moon is in Sagittarius. 

The moon is void of course from 00:01 till 02:43. Making important decisions in this period of time or undergoing medical procedures are not recommended.


Get rid of everything obsolete and outdated from your life, as they lie as obstacles in your path towards the achievement of your dreams to success.


Excessive emotions and unwillingness to make concessions will exacerbate the situation. Stop trying to prove yourself to others.


Keep an eye on current developments and listen to the people around you. You may get hold of important information or come up with a great idea.


You may face an unexpected situation, and lots of will depend on your adroitness and flexibility.


Respect other's opinions, and do not try to show others you are superior to them. Be well-disposed to other people.


Avoid critical remarks, and try to create a peaceful atmosphere around you. Do not get irritated with people's flaws.


You may discover amazing details in routine activities today. This will help you make helpful conclusions.


You may find yourself involved in finance-related talks. Concentrate on facts and maintain your composure.


Do not waste your time on useless arguments. Control the manner you speak with others and do not put pressure on your supporters.


You can now discuss issues that cost you your peace. Be sincere and more open.


Time is ripe for changes. Develop different perspectives on life and make changes to your plans. Be ready for unexpected developments.


Do not worry about trifles, and think twice before saying anything not to hurt others. Let sleeping dogs lie to avoid aggravating the situation. 

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