Daily Horoscope 15 Dec 2021 - Astrological predictions for zodiac signs

Daily Horoscope 15 Dec 2021 - Astrological predictions for zodiac sign
Daily Horoscope 15 Dec 2021 - Astrological predictions for zodiac signs


March 21 to April 20

The Moon’s alignment with Uranus suggests a breakthrough could be on the cards.

Something that happens can seem like a lucky chance but you may have attracted this due to your positive attitude and determination to succeed.

Life is an adventure so grab some opportunities.


April 21 to May 21

Something can jolt you out of your usual rhythm and it might do you good.

If you’re tired of the same old routine, the next day or so could be a breath of fresh air.

Mind, a focus on your sector of business encourages you to see the bigger picture and not to get lost in the details.


May 22 to June 21

You are good at joining the dots and can be very persuasive but for now, how about letting someone else do things for you?

The current outlook suggests that good things, and even success, could come your way when you let others take hold of the reins.


June 22 to July 23

The only reason your energy might dip is if you lose your enthusiasm, and this will only happen if you can’t see the point of what you’re supposed to be doing.

How about reframing things to get a fresh perspective and an instant shot of passion? Then you’ll complete this job in no time at all.


July 24 to August 23

Mars in the sign of the Archer can boost your good fortune and encourage you to embrace opportunities that could challenge you.

If it looks like something good might come from one, giving it your best efforts may bring sterling rewards.

The weeks ahead can be a time when love adventures abound.


August 24 to September 23

Been too forthright with family and close ones, and feel mortified?

If so, there’s every chance it could happen again as warrior Mars continues its journey through blustery Sagittarius.

Within a few minutes of apologising, you may blurt something else out. Honest is best, though.


September 24 to October 23

If you’ve been busy making new contacts then one of them may be about to pay off.

You seem to have attracted a lucky streak so certain chats could turn out to be fruitful.

There’s only one thing that could trump this and that’s if something better comes along before you sign on the dotted line.


October 24 to November 22

Someone may say something to shock you. The Moon’s merger with Uranus can put words in their mouth that trigger something within you.

Perhaps you feel you don’t really know the person in front of you as well as you thought. But how well do we understand anyone?


November 23 to December 21

If you simply aren’t satisfied with your recent achievements then you may have set your standards way too high.

With Mars newly in your sign, though, you’ll enjoy moments of spontaneity and these can add a special kind of magic to whatever you’re working on.


December 22 to January 21

With the Sun and Mars in a very sensitive area of your chart, it helps to accept that some things may never change.

You might not want to hear that but it’s a fact. Accepting this will save you wasting time on things you have no control over.

It could be time to go within and change yourself.


January 22 to February 19

This looks to be a positive time for you as you’ll begin to see the stirrings of growth in areas you thought might stay infertile.

On a deeper level, you may never have doubted yourself and now it seems you are about to be rewarded.

Those fragile shoots will soon become beautiful big blossoms.


February 20 to March 20

You’ll soon know if the project you’ve taken on is too much for you.

Problems may show up if you decide you’ve bitten off more than you can chew because it might be too late to do anything about it.

If this happens to be the case, the only solution is to rise to meet the challenge.

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