Astrological forecast for November 19

Astrological forecast for November 19
Astrological forecast for November 19

People will reveal thirst for fighting, irritation, purposefulness, proneness to conflicts, revolutionary aspirations, sexual anxiety. These refers to individuals as well as to the background in general. Be particularly careful with fire arms, gas (gas heaters), take into consideration that it is not good time to start anything new (until November 22). Traumatism, car accidents, misunderstandings, hence try to be more restrained and quiet, spend more time with your love mates, spend time with them in cozy environment. Regulate your intimate relationships. Pay more attention to your health, particularly to your nervous system, control your blood pressure. Dental and gynecological problems may emerge, as well as endocrine system problems, hence it is recommended to undertake preventive measures. The week is good for Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, as well as Libra and Aquarius. Scorpio and Taurus need to be more restrained.


It is a wonderful day both for your business and your home routine work. But mind not to be impatient. Be diplomatic.


Pay attention to your health. Stay away from dubious persons. You are likely to host guests or meet with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time.


Try to maintain balance, be observant, avoid making instant decisions.


Control your emotions, don’t overload yourself. Refrain from getting involved in infights and wrangles. Try to be passive today and engage yourself in routine work.


It is very emotional day, do your best to maintain tranquility. Mind your health, don’t overwork.


Quiet day, though don’t overload yourself. Spread the tasks over the day.Plan your future and don’t forget to recreate energy.


Today you have the day of corrections, starting from your health and ending up with the technique. Try to put everything in order. Relax in the evening in a desirable environment.


Quite a productive day from financial point of view including attraction of new financial resources. Take care of health, mind your food ration.


Think of improving your mood. Entertain, try to spend the day with positive people. The day is not good for shopping technical appliances.


It is desirable that you listen to competent people’s advice when settling some issues. It is not good day to start anything new in your business, though the day is good to deal with personal issues.


The day will pass in quiet and planned way. Refrain from being impulsive. Don’t make instant decisions. Enjoy wonderful sights or visit your favorite places.


Perfect day for your business, any kind of communication is efficient. Don’t scatter your attention to minor things in order not to miss the best opportunities of the day.

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