Year of the Metal Ox: What 2021 has in store for you?

Year of the Metal Ox: What 2021 has in store for you?
Year of the Metal Ox: What 2021 has in store for you?

The White Metal Ox year will bring more stability to all of us than the tough year which we are leaving behind. Industriousness, trust, and perseverance are what matters now. The coming year requires more flexibility, progressiveness, and pragmatism from all of us.

The year 2021 will prove especially beneficial for the air and fire signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarist, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius). As for the earth and water signs, the period of time between May and July will be favorable for them. It will be particularly good for Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.


A bright year bringing you relief, luck, friends, and eventful life is ahead of you. The fortune is smiling upon you: you are getting results of your efforts in your career field.

Actions and prudent risks, changing your vision, and focusing on novelties are highly recommended. Also, do not shy away from asking people surrounding you for advice to make your plans accordingly.


The coming year may prove the year when you will realize your ambitious plans. Do not be obstinate; take strategic actions; be progressive, and trust your partners more. Your influence and authority may increase, and you may have to change your job. In a best-case scenario, you may even be promoted.


The coming year will bring about essential changes in your life: you will change your outlook on life, your values, the field of vision; your ideas will become less limited and more philosophical than they used to. You will strive for adventures in all walks of life.

Gaining education, dealing with overseas or law-related issues are beneficial now. The coming year may put an end to some long-term legal disputes.


An important year is ahead of you. In 2021, you will be pushed to make fundamental changes in your life: transform yourself and strive for self-development. You have the urge to get rid of everything obsolete and useless, free yourself from fears and complexes, and follow new paths. Issues related to inheritance, alimonies, banks, credits, insurance companies, and financial resources, in general, may prove topical. Manage your financial resources prudently. The year 2021, like the previous year, will bring you financial stability. 


Hard-work and diligence are what you need this year. You cannot allow yourself laziness now. Adopt a more diplomatic approach to different issues than you have had, and remember that partnership and cooperation result in far better consequences than arbitrary decisions. 

New proposals, influential people, supporters -- 2021 will bring you all this. The only thing you will have to do is to make the right choice. 

You may even find a life partner and tie the knot. 


Reconsider your life -- 2021 will be ideal for this. Boost your energy, spend more time in the fresh air and nature. Do not forget to take a break from work. Care more for your health, and lead a healthy lifestyle: take up a sport, undergo different therapeutic procedures, and get rid of unhealthy habits. Replace your standard approaches to life with new ones. Your personal and professional success will depend on these details.


A bright year is ahead of you! Be active, progressive, and creative. You should motivate others. Take an innovative approach to everything. Make efforts to realize your plans. You may inspire lots of people. Amazing feelings may overwhelm you. Remember that dealing with children is beneficial for you. Also, do not forget to play the lottery. 


The year 2021 may prove the foundation on which you will build new ideas. Develop better relations with your family members. Delve into your deep-lying desires to realize what you really want. Do not act impulsively. Try to be flexible and innovative. Some changes related to moving into a new house, cohabitating with your partner, or working from home may occur in your life.


You will gain new acquaintances, build new relations, and hold negations in 2021. Be pragmatic and share your energy on different tasks properly. Be progressive, surround yourself with intellectuals, and show interest in radio and television communication, PR, marketing, and sales; gain more knowledge in these fields. Strive for stability and invest in yourself by attending different lectures and training courses.


The relief you will feel this year will not be ephemeral; you have left the time having made you stronger behind. Issues related to financial resources are particularly important in 2021. You may now seek a new or an additional source of income. Remember to be prudent in dealing with financial resources related issues, as this year, as the previous year, will not yet be financially stable.


Your time has come! However, in order to achieve success in any field, you will need to be disciplined and prudent. Changes are expected in all walks of life: your self-image will change; you will receive different kinds of business and personal proposals.

Aim to be progressive, flexible, and innovative, and try to provide extraordinary solutions to all challenging issues.


The year 2020 has been rather productive, and now you should allocate more time for your spiritual growth: prayers, meditation, breathing exercises will not only improve your health but also bring you inner peace. Remain positive and patient. Avoid spotlight and prefer to stay low key. Your rivals and people who envy you may try to harm you clandestinely. 

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