Products that improve sleep

Products that improve sleep
Products that improve sleep

Hong Kong-based nutritionist Sally Pune has named a list of products needed to improve sleep.

According to the expert, you should not eat a lot before going to bed, especially high-calorie or spicy foods. It is advised to avoid alcohol, coffee, tea, and other caffeinated beverages. But it would help if you did not go to sleep hungry. Sally Pune recommends eating fruit, low-fat yogurt, or milk before going to bed.

According to the nutritionist, people fall asleep faster and sleep longer after eating tryptophan-containing foods such as milk, turkey, chicken, fish, eggs, beans, peanuts, or cheese. The nutritionist believes that melatonin-rich foods such as eggs, fish, or nuts are needed to regulate circadian rhythms, improve sleep quality, and make people feel awake. Also, for enough sleep, you need foods that are rich in selenium. This substance is found in meat, seafood, dairy products, nuts, and grains.

In addition, the nutritionist recommends eating a few kiwis in the evening. Studies have shown that eating this fruit one hour before bedtime will help you fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and rarely wake up at night.

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